or: You are your own appraiser of antique dolls

To be more inquisitive, and critical. Check the information about the doll yourself.

How to find the necessary information, attribute and evaluate middle-segment dolls without special literature, so as not to become a victim of creative marketing?

Make your purchases consciously, trusting recognized authorities who have confirmed their knowledge, and acquire your own knowledge, this is a very exciting process!

1.ebay – Here is a Klondike of the average cost of dolls, from here you start looking at the approximate average price for the selected doll, do not forget to add the shipping cost. You get an approximate cost.https://www.ebay/
2.A large portal of antique dealers there is a sale from dealers, and prices vary from adequate to not quite sane, it is useful to collect information about the wanted doll that you did not meet on eBay. The order of purchases and sales there is the same as on eBay. Try to pay through Paypal to ensure delivery.
3.Local auctions, brokers, and estate sales. This is a dealer market, here you can find the rarest dolls, they then end up on Rubilein, eBay, personal sites, and FB groups for reselling. (there are many sites – I will name Theriaults, Liveauctioneers, and AuctionZip) there are a lot of European locales.
4.Markings of molds and hallmarks are on the website
Database of antique bodies, compliance with the manufacturer, who and what bodies used.
5.I advise you to visit the site and, where for FREE under the antique dolls tag you will find electronic catalogs of auction houses with photos and descriptions of lots; the magazine “Antique doll” is very interesting to experience and stuff your eyes.
It can be read for free and downloaded in PDF format.
6.The World Puppet Association NADDA has on the page educational videos and articles on how to distinguish a
7.Website of the association of European experts, here you can get advice before buying expensive
8.If there is a desire to study the issue more deeply, to acquire rare specimens for the collection, get an encyclopedia of Tsizliks, this is the alpha and omega of the collector of German dolls. On French dolls, there is a large two-volume encyclopedia by Francois Temière.
9.Land of Oz Dolls art of porcelain doll-making
10.Manufacturers of High-Quality Glass Eyes
11.Doll podcast The Doll Podcast brings you the latest news, views, and interviews from the world of Dolls. Join us as we get up close and personal with doll experts, designers, creators, and collectors celebrating antique and modern Dolls
12.Porcelain Classics, doll making studio, and a full-service doll hospital in 2004.
13.The National Institute of American Doll Artists is a worldwide organization of doll artists, supportive patrons, and friends whose purpose is to promote the art of the original handmade doll.
14.Etsy is a great place to look for antique doll accessories, including purses, hats, and more.Etsy
15.The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of being the foremost in research, education, conservation, and appreciation of dolls.
16.The National Antique Doll Dealers Association, Inc., a non-profit organization, was founded in 1986. The primary purpose of NADDA is to assure the collecting public that members subscribe to a code of ethics in the conduct of business.
17.Antique DOLL Collector magazine
18.The national membership association for conservators and allied professionals who preserve cultural heritage.
19.Archival storage boxes
20.The Strong National Museum of Play has a fantastic online collection of dolls
21.A website that catalogs old doll and craft magazines are Something Under The Bed.
22.Various playlists feature full-length seminars dedicated to the preservation, education, and enjoyment of dolls and collecting.
23.Here is a handy list of doll museums across the globe.
24.The doll collection is exhibited in the museum at the UFDC Headquarters.
25.The Grovian doll museum. Michael Canadas and David Robinson are well known in the world of antique dolls, having founded their Carmel Doll Shop in 1989.
26.The Canadian history hall
Experience Canada’s history in exciting new ways
27.The Doll Podcast brings you the latest news, views, and interviews from the world of Dolls.


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